EZShield Check Fraud Protection

Peace of mind for pennies per check.

EZShield Check Fraud Protection is the only service of it's kind, applying to your checks that have forged signatures, forged endorsements and altered checks. We will advance funds fraudulently obtained up to $25,000, within 72 hours. Speedy advancement of funds keeps you burden-free while giving your financial institution time to fully investigate and resolve the fraud incident.

  • Business accounts are believed to have the highest risk of fraud.
  • An estimated 50,000 cases of fraud a year are committed on the 24 million U.S. businesses.
  • Alteration/forgery accounts for over 30% of fraud cases.

EZShield Check Fraud Protection applies to the following forms of check fraud:

Forged signatures* - Legitimate checks that are forged with the account holder's signature, as the payer, that results in a debit to your checking account.

Forged endorsements* - Legitimate check that is endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee, based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement. EZShield Check Fraud Protection does not apply to a check that bears a legitimate original endorsement that is secondarily fraudulently endorsed.

Altered checks* - Legitimate checks that contain altered information such as the payee identification, check amount, or that are otherwise altered to benefit the party altering the check.

Protect your checks with EZShield

*Check Fraud Protection applies to each box of checks and therefore is only available through your check printer. If you need assistance in determining how to get Check Fraud Protection, please contact us at info@ezshield.com.