The 4checks Affiliate Program FAQ's


What do I need to become a 4Checks affiliate?

All you need is a web-site that is fully functional and meets the criteria listed below.


Are all persons/companies eligible to become affiliates?

We do not accept affiliates whose sites promote SPAM as outlined in our terms & conditions. Your site should:

  • Generate sufficient traffic to our website(s)
  • Attract a customer base that may be interested in our products
  • Not promote violence
  • Not promote pornographic material
  • Not promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Not promote illegal activities
  • Not violate the intellectual property rights of our company


Can anyone from any country sign up as an affiliate? Or is this limited to US residents only?

The affiliate program is open to residents of all countries and is not limited to US residents only. However, only products specifically available to the US market are offered on our sites. Payments will be made in US dollars.


When and what commission will I be paid?

You will earn 25% commissions for each sale generated via your website.

Our affiliate network, ShareASale, will post your monthly earnings to your account approximately 20 days after the end of every month. These earnings may represent activity from the past month or two months prior. Your total ShareASale monthly earnings will appear under the ‘Reporting’ tab.

If your ShareASale account balance is less than US$50 at the end of the month, your earnings will continue to roll over to the following month until the payment threshold is reached.


How much money can I expect to earn by promoting your affiliate program?

It is difficult for us to give a definitive answer. It ultimately depends on how successful you are in promoting 4Checks and our associated brands.


How are we tracking your sales?

When a potential customer clicks on a banner, text or link from the 4Checks Affiliate Program located on your site, they will be directed to the website you are promoting in the 4Checks Program. This click will set a 120-day cookie with your affiliate ID number in the customer’s browser.

If customer then completes a purchase before the cookie expires, you will automatically be credited with the sale and every sale will be recorded in the network. You can view your account activity at any time via your password-protected account in ShareASale.


Why has my commission total dropped today from what it was yesterday?

At least once a month we receive information on the number of cancelled orders placed on 4Checks and our associated brands. When an order is placed via your website, and this order is later cancelled, we will need to void that transaction in ShareASale, thus reversing the amount of commission you had initially been credited for on this order. The sale was not completed, and therefore, we cannot award your site with commission on a cancelled order.


Why would a customer cancel their order?

There are several reasons for this; a customer may change their mind about the order placed, but usually the reason for the cancellation of an order is due to security procedures.

When orders are taken over the web by the sites featured in the 4Checks Affiliate Program, AVS - (Address Verification) is performed. For security reasons, we cannot produce an order if the personalization, shipping and billing addresses don't match. When we do receive an order that fails AVS, we attempt to verify ownership of the account by checking our database for previous orders and calling the bank for verification. If still unable to verify, the customer is contacted and asked to provide proof of ownership. A high number of customers never respond to this request, and if proof is not received within a period of 20 days the order is cancelled. The companies featured on 4checks cannot afford to allow fraudulent orders to be processed.

Cancelled orders affect an affiliate's commission total, as any cancelled order will show up on the affiliate's account as having been voided. (See above for further information on charge backs).


How do I create links to 4Checks?

Links are created in the ShareASale. Each banner and text link has a unique tracking link specific to your affiliate account.  These links are to be placed on your websites, in your e-mail messages, and newsletters that direct customers to 4Checks and our associated brands. You must use these coded links or else any sales referred by your site will not track and no commission will be awarded.


How does the 4Checks Affiliate Program work?

Membership is free! All you have to do is complete the online registration form. Once approved, we will send you instructions on how to use specially tracked links on your website to start earning commissions.


What brands are associated with the 4Checks Affiliate Program?

As a member of the 4Checks Affiliate Program, you have access to links to promote the following brands:

If you have a question that is not included in this section, please send your question to We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.