Check Formats

Not sure what type of checks you need? The descriptions below should help you decide.

Single Wallet Checks

These are the standard top tear checks you are probably most familiar with. All personal checks are available in single-wallet format. 125 checks per box.


Duplicate Wallet Checks

Every check you write will produce an automatic copy. You'll no longer need to record every check when you write it! All personal check designs are available in duplicate format. 100 checks per box.


Top Stub Checks

A stub is provided at the top of each check for recording the transaction. This convenience eliminates the need to flip to your check register every time you write a check. Click here to see designs available in Top Stub format. 150 checks per box.

Sample Stub:    

Side Tear Checks

Side tear checks are similar to single wallet checks, except they tear from the left side of the checkbook instead of the top. Click here to see designs available in Side Tear format. 125 checks per box of single checks; 100 checks per box of duplicate checks.