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Chorus Line Checks

Chorus Line Checks
1 Box$15.95$19.95
2 Boxes$23.90$31.90
4 Boxes$40.80$53.80
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Perched in cozy rows, robins, blue jays, cardinals and finches join in perfect chorus in these endearing paintings by Valerie Pfeiffer. This series includes checks, address labels, a personal card and a matching leather checkbook cover. Checks are available in one-part and duplicate check formats. Click here for Chorus Line side tear checks.

© Valerie M. Pfeiffer
  • Chorus Line Address Labels
  • Chorus Line Address Labels 1 set of 200 Just $8.95
  • Chorus Line Personal Cards
  • Chorus Line Personal Cards 1 set of 150 Just $12.95
  • Chorus Line Leather Wallet Style Checkbook Cover
  • Chorus Line Leather Wallet Style Checkbook Cover Just $19.95