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Hexadecimal Checks

Hexadecimal Checks
1 Box$18.99
2 Boxes$37.98 $29.9821%
4 Boxes$75.96 $52.9230%
1 Box$22.99
2 Boxes$45.98 $35.9822%
4 Boxes$91.96 $60.9234%
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If the intricate workings of a computer system intrigue you-down to the very numbers that make it tick-then this design is for you. Each of these eight designs contains a hidden phrase coded in hexadecimal. So you´ll put your hexadecimal skills to use in a whole new way. Happy decoding!
  • Hexadecimal Address Labels
  • Hexadecimal Address Labels 1 set of 150 Just $9.95
  • Hexadecimal Contact Cards
  • Hexadecimal Contact Cards 1 set of 150 Just $12.95